GROW HIGH, What is this?

What does it mean to us? To answer these questions, we first need to explain who we are. We are YOU, each of us. Who are you, lover of sweet Mary Jane? You’re an experienced, intellectually potential, active, and always striving forward, person. Thinking about our planet and us on it and its place in the universe, accept that our meeting here is no coincidence.

We’re sure that YOU also noticed something within us, and we share something in common. We never stop. We can not afford to stop developing ourselves and making our world a little better place to live.

We never stop sharing knowledge, making records, and achieving new goals.

We strive to continually GROW HIGH.

Welcome to our private social club. Pandora’s box has been opened and is awaiting you.

Our house of curiosities, dreams, and ideas is calling you. We are all in this beautiful bubble of Koh Samui. This mysterious tropical island has attracted people since the 80s. It draws a community of out-of-the-box thinkers, so we established our Social club in Koh Samui.

What do we mean by Social club? It’s a place with different activities for like-minded people with different interests to share ideas and form a community. Because what is life about? It’s about people and what we are doing together.

That is why Grow High is a social club only for members.

You might think about how to become a member, but let’s speak about this a little later. Let me share with you our facilities first.

All Members will gain access to all our facilities!

This includes:

  • Dispensary
  • Cafe & bar
  • Smoking & chill-out areas
  • Rooftop bar lounge

First Floor

1. Garden Terrace with a view of Fishermans village. You can smoke there and enjoy your drinks.

2. A Dispensary with a variety of strains, accessories for smoking, and our merch. Our staff will help you with any inquiries. Feel free to ask.

3. Cafe and Bar with yummy healthy food and our signature cocktails. Our customers have only given positive reviews of our food. Salads, soups, fish, chicken, veggie dishes, fresh juices, great Italian coffee and dessert, edibles, yes, we have them, and they are fantastic.

Second Floor

1. Smoking Balcony with a view of the local neighborhood.

2. Chill out Room (blue room) with 65-inch tv, Netflix, and cable tv. You can order drinks and stuff there, use an iPad on the wall, and our staff will help you.

3. Game Room (green room). We created a game room because sometimes everyone needs some privacy. Private room with a private bathroom with big TV, Play Station 5, Guitar Mero, and more. You can celebrate special dates and enjoy games with your friends with up to 5 people. We charge an hourly fee for using the room.

Second Floor

Party lounge rooftop with awesome sea view one side and mountain view other side. Big cinema screen, our get high bar with high standard drinks and sophisticated signature cocktails. Enjoy a nice view with drinks, smoking or celebrating time with your friends. We also have private parties there, but it can be your party also, for booking please contact our staff.

Grow High membership - is about being surrounded by equal people.

1. 5% discount on all food and drinks, including edibles.

2. First access for premium strains. Strain booking system.

3. Personal delivery. Ask our staff for details.

4. Point system at the Dispensary. The more you buy, the sooner you get free products. Ask our staff.

5. Free products/cocktails on your birthday.

6. The subscription on strains you like. You ll be informed about updating stock with your favorite strains.

7. Free access to the Green room for  hour/per week.

8. Access to private (closed) events on rooftops six days a week, such as parties, concerts, movie nights, stand-up events, business meet-ups, gastronomy nights, chess
club, and many more.

9. Deposit system, you can top up your member card balance and use it easily